Hippodrome :

The city’s most Contemporary Club-Lounge Bar. Hippodrome is a prominent bar in Chandigarh and can uplift your mood with its transcendent cluster of global wines, outlandish mixed drinks, draft lager and starters for each mood and occasion. Unwind and unplug as you sip on your favourite concoction while you sink into plush sofas.

Enjoy a laid-back evening here at one of the best hotels in Chandigarh!


Hees Restaurant :

Tricity`s most renowned oriental restaurant and under Chandigarh skies, it cannot get any better than this! Hees at James Hotel Chandigarh has the best Chinese cuisine in Chandigarh. Team it up with the finest Chinese recipes, fish, meat arrangements and outlandish vegetables sizzling in Chinese flavours!

Experience the best Chinese at one of the top restaurants in Chandigarh.

Hees Restaurant

Mayfair Restaurant :

The Mayfair is a 24-hour all day eatery that serves multi-cuisine buffets and a-la-carte options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Running round the clock, this restaurant offers mouth-watering delicacies. Being a standout amongst the most searched for fine-dining restaurants in Chandigarh, this place holds enticing dishes to relish your taste buds. Have a delightful grub here!

Mayfair Restaurant

Indispice Restaurant :

James Hotel offer you Indian cuisine at IndiSpice, an elegant restaurant in Chandigarh hotel specializing in Indian masala Frontier dishes. Tantalizing tandoor and charcoal grill items will also tempt at one of the top restaurants in Chandigarh.

Mayfair Restaurant

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